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Phone: (415) 444-7070
Location: Civic Center, Hall of Justice, Room C-10
Office Hours: 8:00am - 4:00pm

Support and Treatment After Release (STAR) Court

STAR Court is a court-supervised program for defendants who have serious mental illnesses, which require medication, treatment and other services, and who choose to participate in STAR Court as an alternative to traditional supervised probation. The goal of STAR Court is to decrease the frequency of clients' contacts with the criminal justice system by improving their social functioning skills and by linking them to employment, housing, regular treatment, and support services.

STAR Court works in collaboration with Marin County's STAR Program, which is a full service partnership providing culturally competent, intensive, integrated services to mentally ill offenders. Clients must first be in the STAR Program before they become eligible to participate in STAR Court.

The STAR Court Team includes a judicial officer, probation officer, district attorney, defense counsel, STAR Program Case Manager and treatment providers.

Clients must sign an agreement to abide by the rules of STAR Court and the individual treatment plan developed by the STAR Court Team. Typical agreements require participants to attend regular court sessions; take prescribed medications faithfully; meet with a case manager regularly; lead law abiding lives; participate in treatment plans and comply with the STAR Court Team's directives. When a participant graduates from STAR Court he or she may have the underlying case reduced or dismissed and probation terminated.

STAR Court consists of 4 phases, each with a set of legal, housing, vocational and treatment components. The program takes a minimum of 12 months to complete successfully. When participants successfully graduate from the STAR Court they may have their misdemeanor related case dismissed, jail sentences stayed and probation terminated.

To obtain further information, please contact the Probation Department at 415-473-6599.

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