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Court for Kids - Behind the Scenes
Kids helping kids understand the Marin Superior Court

Behind the Scenes

1. About Us

Who are the creators of this website?
Twenty-two fifth graders at Bel Aire School in Tiburon, California, made this website and the movies. They thought differently, and took risks -- some of the most important things you have to do if you want to create something new. A special thanks go to our teacher and our principal for leading the way to success!

2. The Reason

What is the reason for this web page?
We wanted to really show kids the true meaning of court. Also, we wanted to help children, who might have to go to court for any reason, feel more comfortable. We hope kids learn that court is a fair place, and that every decision that is made is for the good of each child.

3. The Right Approach

How did we approach this project?
We worked in teams, with adults, and real court professionals to help get this project done. Not only did we study hard and stay focused, but we put our hearts into completing our goal to help kids like you.

4. Everybody Learns

What did we learn?
We learned a lot about the court, designing movies, using correct grammar, editing, making web pages, writing reports, revising, working in teams, doing interviews, partnering with teachers and adults, working with community members, and much, much more. We hope that kids who see this website learn that court can be a friendly and safe place for them. Don't forget, there's even a dog!

5. Something to Remember

Have you ever challenged yourself?
We have! In fact, this project was about Challenged Based Learning, a style of learning designed to challenge students to produce something that's real and meaningful. We worked on this project for six months. Some teams had to do over 90 edits. We had a job to do, and we did it right. We learned more than we would have learned by just studying the court in a book. Without challenging yourself, you will never know what you can do. Go for it!

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