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Court for Kids - Glossary
Kids helping kids understand the Marin Superior Court

New Words

Every day, you learn something new. Today, you are going to learn some useful words that you might hear in the court. This is the glossary, where you will find out the definitions of these words.

accomplish: to achieve

approach: to get closer

architecture: the style of a building

attorney: a person who helps to prove a point

bailiff: a police officer that works only at the court

bar: a line, between the public and the working area, in a courtroom

challenge: to test someone's ability

civil: the concerns of citizens

clerk: someone who takes care of court paper work

convict: a person who is said to be guilty, or the act of proving someone guilty

court: a place where judges or juries decide if someone has broken a law

court reporter: a person who writes down everything that happens in a trial

crime: breaking the law

criminal: a person who has broken, or continues to break, the law

custody: the guardianship of a person (child or adult), object, or property

guardianship: a defender or protector

guilty: someone who was proven to have broken the law

innocent: someone who did nothing wrong

judge: a person who makes decisions in a trial or hearing

juror: a person who serves a jury

jury: people who decide whether or not a person is guilty or not guilty

justice: being fair and reasonable

law: rules people follow in your country and state

lawyer: an attorney

testify: to tell the truth about what you saw or heard to a judge or jury

verdict: the judge or jury's decision

witness: a person who sees a crime and then tells the court what they saw or heard

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