Criminal Court – General Information
Phone: (415) 444-7070
Location: Civic Center, Hall of Justice, Room C-10
Office Hours: 8:00am - 4:00pm

Cases Filed in the Criminal Clerk's Office

The Criminal Clerk's Office files, processes, and maintains misdemeanor and felony records for cases filed by the Marin County District Attorney's Office and other prosecuting agencies.

Most of the contact that defendants have with the Court outside of the courtroom is handled in the Criminal Clerk's Office. Once cases have been sentenced by the Court and defendants have been placed on probation, they are often ordered to pay fines, perform community service work, and attend activities such as batterers' or drunk driving programs. Payments of criminal fines and proof of completion of programs are submitted in the Criminal Clerk's Office. Defendants may set up payment plans or apply to convert fines to community service work in the Criminal Clerk’s Office, Room C-10 at Window A. Window A is open from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. each day.

Legal Representation in Criminal Proceedings

California law mandates that all defendants in criminal hearings are entitled to legal representation. Many defendants retain the services of attorneys and pay those attorneys privately. For defendants who cannot afford private attorneys, the Court will appoint attorneys through the Office of the Public Defender or an indigent defense panel of attorneys called Alternate Defender's Inc. The Court will appoint counsel at the first hearing for any defendant who needs representation. Once attorneys are appointed, defendants will be required to complete financial screening forms to determine whether they are financially eligible for indigent defense services.

Criminal Research Requests

Cases filed with the Criminal Clerk's Office may be available for review by the public in the Court's Records Management Office in Room 113 of the Civic Center. Please click here for information on how to request a case record or register of actions for viewing and copying.

There is a $15 fee for each case when research must be performed by court staff. Please include a check made payable to Marin County Superior Court and send it to: Criminal Research, P.O. Box 4988, San Rafael, CA 94913. If requesting copies or other records-related services in addition to research, such as certification or exemplification of documents in case files, please review the amounts of these additional fees on the Court's Fee Schedule by clicking here. Then submit a check to the Court stating a "Not To Exceed" amount in the memo section of the check that allows for the cost of the research and any other records-related fees. Court staff will fill in the actual amount of the check once it is determined.

Copies and Certifications of Criminal Records Requested by Government Agencies

The Court charges all government agencies for copies and certifications of criminal records, pursuant to Government Code section 70633(b). The charge to certify a record is $25.00 (GC 70626(a)(4)) and the charge for copies is $.50 per page (GC 70627(a)). In addition, the Court will require requesting agencies to include a self-addressed stamped envelope with proper postage for the return of the complete copy work. Since most requesting agencies will not know ahead of time how many pages will be copied, they may obtain a quote upon request to Records Management. The copies and certifications will be processed and mailed and the agency will be billed for the service, unless other arrangements have been made.

Please make requests for criminal records by emailing or calling (415) 444-7080 or sending a written request to the Court.

Understanding the Criminal Court Process

Cases processed in the criminal court proceed through several stages. Some of the terminology and reasons for various hearings may be confusing to defendants. To better understand the stages of a typical misdemeanor case, please click here.

To apply for a Certificate of Rehabilitation and Pardon (Penal Code Section 4852.01 et. seq.)

If you were convicted of a felony and committed to a state prison, institution or agency, you may file a Petition for a Certificate of Rehabilitation and Pardon under certain conditions. The petition may be filed in the Superior Court of the county of residence. To obtain instructions and forms click the following links.

To apply for termination of Sex Offender Registration Requirement pursuant to SB 384:

For information on filing a Petition to terminate adult sex offender registration, please click on the following links:

For information on filing a Petition to terminate sex offender registration resulting from a Juvenile matter, please click on the following links:

Legal Assistance with Cases Filed in the Criminal Clerk's Office

There are resources available to help individuals in understanding criminal court processes or preparing to go to court. Some of these resources include:

  • California Courts Online Self Help Center. This resource is available to all Californians who are representing themselves in court or need legal information. To access this website, please click here.

Links to Specific Topics: