Juvenile Drug Court
Phone: (415) 444-7045
Email: juvenile@marincourt.org
Location: Civic Center, Hall of Justice, Room 113
Office Hours: 8:00am - 4:00pm

The Marin County Juvenile Drug Court Program is an intensive, Court-supervised counseling and treatment program for eligible minors who have law violations and substance abuse problems. It is designed to give youthful offenders an opportunity to take responsibility for their actions and change their lives.

The Drug Court Team includes the Judge, Deputy Probation Officer, Deputy District Attorney, Deputy Public Defender, and treatment providers.

Drug Court requires regular meetings with a probation officer, participation in self-help programs, drug treatment, counseling, UA tests, and regular court appearances. Upon successful completion of Drug Court, all charges are dismissed and the minor's file can be sealed.

As stated by former Chief Justice Ronald M. George, "The rapid expansion of drug courts can be traced to one basic factor: they work. Their value can be measured in the lives of kids and families who have been helped to escape the cycle of drugs and failure, and whose lives might otherwise have ended in disease, incarceration, broken families, or even death."

For a description of Juvenile Drug Court, how the program works and what is required of participants and their families, please click here to see the Juvenile Drug Court Participant Handbook.

For a sample of homework performed by Juvenile Drug Court participants, please click here and click here to see sample writing.

To enroll a youth or obtain further information, please contact the Juvenile Probation Department at at (415) 473-6659.