Traffic Court – Community Service Work
Phone: (415) 448-8230
Location: Civic Center, Hall of Justice, Room C-10
Office Hours: 8:00am - 4:00pm

Community service work is volunteer work performed at non-profit agencies in Marin County. For individuals who live outside of Marin but who have citations in the county, the Court can provide a listing of community service agencies in many of the other California counties.

Individuals who cannot afford to pay all or part of the bail on a citation may be eligible to perform community service work instead of paying the bail if they meet certain financial qualifications. The bail amount is converted to community service work at a rate of $24 per hour. To inquire about eligibility for community service work, individuals must come to the Traffic Clerk’s Office to complete a declaration regarding their household size and income. If it is determined that they are eligible to perform community service work, the clerk will provide information on how to get started.

If eligible, the Traffic Clerk’s Office will register an individual for community service work. If not eligible, the Court will assist an individual in setting up an affordable payment plan.

Community service work registration can be done without going to court. There is a $50 administrative fee which must be paid at the time of registration. When registering for community service work, the Court will determine the deadline for completion of the hours. If the hours are not completed, or the completed and signed timesheet is not turned in to the Court by the due date, the community service hours will be automatically converted back to bail or a monetary fine, the case will be sent to court collections, the amount owed will be increased by a $300 civil assessment and other monetary sanctions, and the violator’s driving privileges may be affected.

The Court will provide the individual with a list of agencies eligible to oversee community service work and a timesheet to record the hours worked. It is the responsibility of the individual to schedule the community service work, present the timesheet to the agency to obtain an authorized signature, and return the completed timesheet to the Court by the due date. Violators who live in Marin County but fail to perform their community service work at agencies on the Court’s approved list may request the Court to contact these agencies and verify the completion of the community service work. There is an additional $50 administrative fee for this service.

Violators who are granted community service work and subsequently decide to pay the bail may request that the Court convert the amount owed to bail. However, this accommodation will only be granted one time. Violators who give up their community service work and decide to pay the bail will not be able to convert the bail back to community service work at a later date.

Violators who live in California but outside Marin County may be able to perform their community service work in another county, if they meet the financial qualifications above. In these instances, there is an additional $50 administrative fee ($100 total ) for the Court to monitor community service work performed outside of Marin County with non-profits not on the Court’s approved list.

Violators who live outside of California are not eligible for community service work.

Community Service Work Time Sheet