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Phone: (415) 444-7040
Location: Civic Center, Hall of Justice, Room 113
Office Hours: 8:00am - 4:00pm

Participation in CourtCall Appearances

Except as otherwise stated below, and subject to the Court's right to amend this list, parties or counsel shall have the option of appearing by telephone in case management and probate proceedings:

  1. Where the total time required for hearing of the matter will not exceed 10 minutes;
  2. Where counsel or self represented parties have fully briefed all issues in writing and wish only to be available to respond to questions from the Court or argument of opposing counsel;
  3. Where all documents and exhibits have been filed with the pleadings of the parties and no further documentation will be offered.


The following hearing types are not eligible for telephonic appearances:

  • Hearings on motions in limine;
  • Hearings on temporary restraining orders;
  • Judgment debtor examinations;
  • Mandatory settlement conferences;
  • Trial management conferences;
  • Ex parte applications, except:
  • For permission to file a memorandum in excess of applicable page limits;
  • For an extension of time to serve pleadings;
  • To set hearing dates on alternative writs and orders to show cause;
  • By stipulation of the parties;
  • Evidentiary hearings.

Other Rules And Procedures

The Court reserves the authority, at any time, to reject any CourtCall appearance. When the Court rejects a request for telephonic appearance, it shall order a refund of deposited telephonic appearance fees and notify CourtCall.

The Court reserves the authority to halt the telephonic hearing on any matter and order a personal appearance at a later date and time, in which instance no refund of fees is ordered.

If a matter is continued prior to the actual hearing date, the prior filing of a Request for CourtCall Appearance form shall remain valid and in effect for the continued date of the hearing.

Existing rules and procedures regarding the making of the record by a court reporter or electronic device or obtaining a transcript after the hearing shall apply to hearings at which CourtCall appearances are made. No recordings may be made of telephonic appearances except in compliance with California Rules of Court.

Appearance Procedures

Parties electing to make a CourtCall appearance shall serve on all other parties in the case the Request for CourtCall Appearance form, fax a copy of the form to CourtCall, and pay the CourtCall appearance fee in the method prescribed, not less than three (3) court business days before the hearing date.

Parties choosing to make a CourtCall appearance shall include the phrase "CourtCall Telephone Appearance" below the title of the moving or opposing papers.

All parties making a CourtCall appearance shall:

  1. Call in from a QUIET AREA - eliminate as much background and ambient noise as possible;
  2. Speak directly into a telephone handset - No speaker phones are permitted as they compromise quality of the call;
  3. Avoid using the "hold" button on the telephone.

Parties making CourtCall appearances shall call the designated toll free teleconference line approximately 15 minutes prior to the scheduled hearing time and check-in with CourtCall. Any party calling after the check-in period shall be considered late for the hearing and shall be sanctioned in the same manner as if personally appearing late for the hearing.

Parties appearing telephonically shall state their names for the record each time they speak and shall participate in the appearance with the same degree of courtesy and courtroom decorum as is required for a personal appearance. Disruptive behavior on the CourtCall line will not be tolerated by the Court.

Contact Information for CourtCall

Parties interested in using CourtCall to make telephonic appearances may obtain a copy of the "Request for CourtCall Appearance" form from CourtCall at (888) 882-6878. This form will include detailed instructions on the program. CourtCall's website address is

Program Overview

The Court uses CourtCall to administer all of its telephonic appearances. CourtCall Telephonic Appearance Program provides a procedure for telephone appearances by attorneys and self represented parties as an alternative to personal appearances in appropriate cases and hearings. A CourtCall appearance is completely voluntary and available at a fixed fee. It may be used only in certain civil, unlawful detainer, and probate cases.

Parties may appear by telephone for civil case management conferences, trial setting conferences, law and motion hearings, conferences to review the status of an arbitration or mediation, hearings to review the dismissal of an action, or any other hearing, conference, or proceeding if the Court determines that a telephone appearance is appropriate. However, the Court may require a party to appear in person at any hearing, conference, or case proceeding if it would materially assist in the determination of the proceeding or in the effective management or resolution of the case. Please click here to review the California Rule of Court pertaining to telephonic appearances.  
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