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vCourt Telephonic Appearances

Marin County Superior Court has a court-run telephonic appearance system. If your hearing is eligible for a telephonic appearance, read the following and click the link at the bottom of the page to schedule your appearance. You cannot register for a telephonic appearance over the phone. Your telephonic appearance must be scheduled two (2) court days prior to the scheduled hearing.

Hearing Types That Do Not Require Court Approval

  • Case management conferences
  • Law and Motion
  • Probate

Hearing Types That Require Court Approval

The following hearing types are not eligible for telephonic appearances:

  • Hearings on motions in limine;
  • Hearings on temporary restraining orders;
  • Judgment debtor examinations;
  • Mandatory settlement conferences;
  • Evidentiary hearings;
  • Trial management conferences; and
  • Ex parte applications, except:

Any party wishing to appear telephonically for hearings, conferences, and proceedings, listed as requiring a personal appearance, must obtain prior approval from the judicial officer. Parties must file form
MISC-001 at least twelve (12) court days before the hearing. If judicial approval has been previously granted for a hearing that is continued by the Court, or if approval for a telephonic appearance is granted by a judicial officer on the record and both parties are present in Court, no further notice is required and form MISC-001 does not need to be resubmitted. If judicial approval is granted, you will still need to schedule the appearance via the Court's telephonic appearance system. We will not schedule your appearance automatically.

Other Rules And Procedures

The Court reserves the authority, at any time, to reject any telephonic appearance. When the Court rejects a request for telephonic appearance, it shall order a refund of deposited telephonic appearance fees.

The Court reserves the authority to halt the telephonic hearing on any matter and order a personal appearance at a later date and time, in which instance no refund of fees is ordered.

Existing rules and procedures regarding the making of the record by a court reporter or electronic device or obtaining a transcript after the hearing shall apply to hearings at which telephonic appearances are made. No recordings may be made of telephonic appearances except in compliance with California Rules of Court (CRC).

Notice to Party

Except as provided in CRC 3.670(h)(6), a party choosing to appear by telephone at a hearing, conference, or proceeding, other than on an ex parte application, must either follow 3.670(h)(1)(a) or 3.670(h)(1)(b) to notify the Court and all other parties of the party's intent to appear by telephone.


Pursuant to California Rules of Court Rule 3.670(k)(1), the fee to appear by telephone is $94 for each case appearance, unless waived by order of the Court.
  1. A case with multiple hearings scheduled at the same time, on the same day, in the same department requires a single $94 appearance fee.
    • Choose only one hearing type for each case in the same department, on the same day and same time.
  2. A case with multiple hearings scheduled at different times on the same day requires the $94 appearance fee for each scheduled hearing time.
  3. The Court will accept American Express, Discover, Visa, and MasterCard credit and debit cards only. The Court will not accept cash, paper checks, or e-checks. If a party has an active fee waiver for the case, the telephonic appearance fee is waived.
Late Payment

Pursuant to California Rules of Court Rule 3.670(k)(2), an additional late request fee of $30 will be charged for an appearance by telephone if the request is not made at least two (2) days before the scheduled appearance, except:
  1. When an opposing party has provided timely notice under (h)(4) on an ex parte application or other hearing, conference, or proceeding, no late fee is to be charged to that party;
  2. When the Court, on its own motion, sets a hearing or conference on shortened time, no late fee is to be charged to any party;
  3. When the matter has a tentative ruling posted within the two (2) day period, no late fee is to be charged to any party; or
  4. When the request to appear by telephone is made by a party that received notice of another party's intent to appear, and afterward decides also to appear by telephone under (h)(2), no late fee is to be charged to that party if its' request is made by noon on the court day before the hearing or conference.
The Court reserves the right to audit scheduled appearances made online. If the Court finds that the party has made a late appearance per CRC 3.670 and a false selection was made, the party will be charged the additional $30 and may be referred to collections.


Pursuant to California Rules of Court Rule 3.670(k)(3), a $5 cancellation fee will be charged if a party cancels a telephone appearance request and no telephone appearance is made. If the hearing or appearance is taken off calendar by the Court due to Court business, there is no charge for the telephonic appearance.

You must cancel the original appearance date in order to receive a refund. Cancellations for morning appearances must be completed online by 8:00AM and cancellations for afternoon appearances must be completed online by 12:00PM on the day of the hearing to receive a refund. Full refunds including the $5 cancellation fee will only be issued for cases that were cancelled or continued by the Court without being heard due to Court business (not for cases where a hearing occurred and resulted in a continuance). If your hearing date is continued without being heard, you MUST cancel the original appearance date and reschedule/complete a new transaction for the continued date. You must also submit a written request for a refund of the $5 fee. Payments WILL NOT transfer to another date or appearance. If your hearing results in a continuance of up to fourteen (14) days by the Court, you do not need to reschedule your telephonic appearance. The Court will continue to hearing for you. If the hearing is more than fourteen (14) days, you must complete a new transaction if you wish to appear telephonically on the continued date.

Provided you have cancelled your appearance by 8:00AM on the day of the hearing, a refund of $89 will be credited back to your account.

The $5 cancellation fee is refundable when:
  • The Court moves the hearing date due to Court business.
  • The Court vacates or drops the hearing date on its own motion.
If you are entitled to a refund of the $5 cancellation fee, or a refund of any other fees, submit your request in writing to the Court attention:

Marin County Superior Court
P.O. Box 4988
San Rafael, CA 94913-4988

Please include the case name and number, attorney or party name, receipt number, original date of payment, amount of refund being requested, and the reason for the refund. Refund requests must be sent within 30 days of the original date of payment.

Receipt of Payment

After scheduling you telephonic appearance, you will receive an email confirmation. The confirmation will contain the toll-free number to dial-in for the telephonic appearance, a conference ID, and a PIN. If you do not receive a confirmation within two hours, call (415) 444-7260 for assistance. You will also receive an email reminder the day before the hearing.

On the Day of Appearance

Call the toll-free number provided in your email confirmation at least fifteen (15) minutes before your scheduled hearing time. When prompted, dial the conference ID and PIN stated on your confirmation. The clerk will check you in, and you will then wait until you case is called.
  1. Call in from a QUIET AREA - eliminate as much background and ambient noise as possible.
  2. Speak directly into a telephone handset - no speaker phones are permitted as they compromise the quality of the call.
  3. Avoid using the "hold" button on the telephone.

Any party calling after the check-in period shall be considered late for the hearing and shall be sanctioned in the same manner as if personally appearing late for the hearing.

Parties appearing telephonically shall state their names clearly for the record each time they speak and shall participate in the appearance with the same degree of courtesy and courtroom decorum as is required for a personal appearance. Disruptive behavior on the vCourt line will not be tolerated by the Court.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact or call (415) 444-7260.

I agree to the above disclaimer and wish to schedule or cancel a telephonic appearance.

Program Overview

vCourt provides a procedure for telephone appearances by attorneys and self-represented parties as an alternative to personal appearances in appropriate cases and hearings. A vCourt appearance is completely voluntary and available at a fixed fee. It may be used only in certain civil, unlawful detainer, and probate cases.

Parties may appear by telephone for civil case management conferences, trial setting conferences, law and motion hearings, conferences to review the status of an arbitration or mediation, hearings to review the dismissal of an action, or any other hearing, conference, or proceeding if the Court determines that a telephone appearance is appropriate. However, the Court may require a party to appear in person at any hearing, conference, or case proceeding if it would materially assist in the determination of the proceeding or in the effective management or resolution of the case. Please click here to review the California Rule of Court pertaining to telephonic appearances.  
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