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Message from Presiding Judge Faye D'Opal

Welcome to the Marin County Superior Courtís website. Our mission statement defines the Courtís commitment and promise to the public. Fair and equal access is a hallmark of excellent public service. Our website has been designed with this goal in mind. Fair and equal access means that information on this website should be: easy to find, written in plain English with a minimum of legal jargon, searchable using common words, accurate, and relevant to the concerns of most users. It should also contain contact information (phone numbers and email addresses) for each subject area in case users have questions not addressed at the website. The content on this website is also available in Spanish. By finding out about the Courtís programs, services and procedures ahead of time from information contained in this website, users should find their experiences with the Court to be more productive and require fewer repeat contacts or visits to the Court. Less frustration translates to more public satisfaction.

In addition to the extensive amount of information about the Court available here, this website also serves as a portal to other helpful websites that provide information on affordable legal resources, self help services, court forms that can be completed online, other California superior courts, and resources available through the Judicial Council of California and the County of Marin.

Thank you for visiting the Courtís website.
Faye D'Opal,
Presiding Judge
Disclaimer: The Marin County Superior Court has made every effort to provide accurate information at this website; however, inaccuracies and outdated information may be found here on occasion.
External sites are responsible for their own content; the Marin County Superior Court accepts no responsibility for information found at other sites to which we are linked.