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Phone: (415) 444-7130, Option 6
Location: Civic Center, Hall of Justice, Room C-27
Office Hours: Varied (See Below)

The Family Law Facilitator's office is located in the Legal Self Help Services (LSHS) office at the Civic Center, Hall of Justice in Room C-27. Individuals will be seen on a drop-in basis only. Office hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9:00am to 12:00pm; Tuesday and Thursday, 9:00am to 12:00pm and 1:00pm to 3:00pm. To allow yourself enough time to receive assistance from the staff, and to complete your paperwork, please arrive at their office no later than 45 minutes prior to closing.

The Family Law Facilitator's Office is available to help both parties who have questions about child support, spousal support, child custody and visitation, establishment of parental responsibility for minor children, health insurance, and the availability of community resources to help families. Due to the high volume of court users, only limited services are available by telephone and email. It may take as long as five (5) court business days to receive a response from a staff member. If you require immediate assistance, please visit LSHS in person.

The Family Law Facilitator, a licensed attorney employed by the court, provides assistance to parents involved in parentage actions and other family law matters concerning child and/or spousal support. The services of the Family Law Facilitator include: distributing court forms and voluntary declarations of paternity, providing assistance to parties in completing forms, preparing child and spousal support calculations, as well as mediation of support matters. The Family Law Facilitator also provides referrals to the Department of Child Support Services, Family Court Services, and other community agencies providing services to families. The Facilitator CANNOT help people who are represented by attorneys. The Facilitator CANNOT give legal advice or represent parties in court and is not responsible for the outcomes of cases.

Although the Family Law Facilitator's Office is staffed with licensed attorneys and other legal support specialists, they are neutral and do not represent either party. There is no confidential attorney-client relationship between a party and the Family Law Facilitator. Whenever possible, individuals are strongly encouraged to retain their own attorneys.

The Family Law Facilitator is a great resource for individuals who have cases in the Family Court. Because the Family Law Facilitator does not give legal advice or represent parties, both parents often use the Family Law Facilitator to help them resolve disputes involving family support and issues surrounding children.

What to Bring

To ensure that the meeting is helpful and productive, individuals are required to bring:

  • All of their court papers;
  • Paystubs for the last two months or other current income verification;
  • Copies of any agreements reached or child custody recommending counselor's recommendations in counseling;
  • Any other information that seems relevant to the court case.


Family Court is comprised of three distinct program areas:

  • Family Law Division of the Civil Clerk's Office, which processes filings and schedules court hearings for many different types of matters, described in the list below;
  • Family Law Facilitator's Office, which assists parties who have questions about child support, spousal support, health insurance, and the availability of community resources to help families;
  • Family Court Services, which provides child custody recommending counseling and helps parents resolve child-focused disputes once parents are living apart.

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